Dental Sedation Courses

We run dental sedation courses for dental practitioners. Plus we provide advanced and update dental sedation courses for those already using sedation.

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  1. Monitoring the Sedated Patient
  2. Crisis Management in Dental Sedation (scroll down)
  3. Comprehensive Course in IV Sedation (scroll down)

1. Monitoring the Sedated Patient

A formal education and training course that fulfils the mandatory DCNZ requirements for education and training in the Sedation Practice Standard from 1st October 2019. This will enable you to gain certified competency to monitor sedated patients.

It is designed for the whole dental team who monitor sedated patients, either with minimal experience or needing an introduction to capnography. It does not teach you how to sedate patients.

Primarily designed for Dental Assistants, but Dentists are welcome to attend.

The course will involve a full day of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training leading to certification. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The definitions of minimal, moderate, and deep sedation; and general anaesthesia.
  • That the transition from complete consciousness through the various stages of sedation to general anaesthesia is a continuum and not a set of discrete well-defined stages.
  • The risks associated with sedation.

And deeper knowledge in:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous systems in relation to sedation.
  • How to monitor the sedated patient – physical and physiological monitoring including the central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and necessary equipment – appropriate for the technique(s) and drugs being used, and the intended level of sedation.
  • How to identify sedation-related complications; and when to advise the ‘sedationist’ or ‘operator-sedationist’ of any abnormalities or concerns, and initiate or assist in the management of a medical emergency.

The courses are being run around New Zealand, and are now live and open for registration with NZDA. The link is:

The easiest way to find the course is by typing “sedation” into the “event categories” filter on the top right. All available dates and venues around the country will then be displayed.

Finally, here is a downloadable flyer/registration form…

2. Crisis Management in Dental Sedation

29-30 June 2019

Fulfils DCNZ requirement for Education and training in Sedation Practice Standard, and adds CPD 16 hours.

  • NZRC CORE advanced for dentists
  • Scenarios relevant to management of sedation-related complications

Emphasis on team work and communication as well as resuscitation skills

Day 1 Simulation and Skills Centre, Wellington Hospital
Day 2 WellOral, 62-66 Vivian Street Te Aro Wellington


  • Dentist $1,500 + GST
  • Team of dentist with 1 assistant $1,800 + GST
  • Additional dental assistant/nurse $500 + GST

Closing date: 17 May 2019

Enquiries/Registration to Dr Caroline Zhou (anaesthetist)

3. Comprehensive Course in IV Sedation

Where: Hilton Hotel, Princes Wharf, Auckland
When: 23-24 May 2020
Fee: $1,550 including GST

This is a course for dentists who wish to undertake a training program in IV Sedation.

The program is for dental practitioners with minimal or no previous experience in IV sedation and those who have previously provided IV sedation, but do not have certification. You must have been graduated for at least one year or hold a current hospital house surgeon position. The training program will meet the requirements of the NZDA Code of Practice for IV Sedation.

There is new requirement to complete the course – a time limit of 12 months to complete the course observations and pass SST.

The course will involve a 2-day program of lectures, demonstrations, simulated IV experience, practical venepuncture training and an examination.

The NZDA require Core immediate or equivalent training.

Then to gain certification you will be required to…

  1. Observe 3 clinical cases of IV sedation with a mentor who is a member of the NZSSD.
  2. On receipt of a letter confirming your observations, you will be required to pass online Safe Sedation Training.
  3. Once you have successfully completed SST, you will be issued with a certificate in IV sedation.

You will be notified when you are accepted on to the course, then you will be posted the course manual 4 weeks prior to the course. You must be familiar with this prior to the course. Please allow time to study this as you must achieve a 75% pass mark.

Please make your own arrangements for transport and accommodation.

Cost $1,550 including GST, and your first year of membership of NZSSD.

If you have any questions on the above, please contact…

  • Dr Don Macalister, 021 937-887

Please complete the application form below to apply, or download the “IV Sedation Course 2019 flyer and enrolment” form below and email the completed form back to us. Upon acceptance a GST tax invoice will be emailed to you.

See course flyer and application form here:

Online Application Form…